6-Week Intensive
August 12 - September 16, 2022


This Teacher Training Intensive is only available to Accredited Practitioners and Apprentices of Ancient Lomi Lomi. This Intensive is not designed to teach the bodywork technique of Ancient Lomi Lomi, however, it will allow graduates an opportunity to pass on an essential aspect of the work which may be applied to any healing touch modality.

Ancient Embodied Touch is a recognition of Life Meeting Life on many levels. This program will provide a pathway for you to guide others towards igniting more Life in themselves, transforming the quality and effectiveness of their healing touch from the inside out.

This Intensive will give you the tools to offer a 3-Day Workshop guiding others towards the discovery of Embodied Touch as a living experience, rather than an idea or doctrine.

I look forward to a potent time expanding the possibilities offered through Ke Ala Hõkū — The Pathway to the Stars!!


Our Training will take place over 6 consecutive Fridays beginning August 12. Each session is set for 2.5 - 3 hours dependent upon how many are in attendance.

Each session will review Principles of the work, clarify our understanding and offer pathways of transmission for others.

Friday, August 12, 2022
8a.m. HST • Ancient Foundations

"Perception determines your reality."

This class will introduce Ancient indigenous Worldview — ways of seeing, inhabiting and relating to the world. We will explore the living being of Kaona and how it applies to our embodied reality. Embodiment tools will be offered to assist future students in developing a living experience of the Ancient Worldview, and offing them expansion of the possibilities through recognizing 'Kaona' in their lives. We will also dive into the realm of resonance and frequency as foundations of Life Force.

Friday, August 19, 2022
8a.m. HST • Cellular Presence

"How you move with yourself inside is how you will move in the outside world."

In this class, we will explore the nature of Embodied Presence and offer practices to introduce students to whole body movement and embodied present moment awareness. We will also explore the relationship between our body's expression and our mental emotional being, recognizing ourselves as the source of our transmission in the world on all levels.

Friday, August 26, 2022
7a.m. HST • Kaona of the Body

"We are made of Stars"

In this class, we guide students in the in the exploration of our Cellular 'Ohana and the kaona of existence that dwells there — allowing the kaona to emerge through them. We will also look beyond anatomy and physiology into the chemistry, biology and quantum field of the body, and how to recognize ther emergence in physicality. Students will be offered ways to explore their quality motion and it's interrelationship with their internal world.