Ancient Ho'oponopono • History & Prayer

In this animated video Jody Mountain explains clearly and beautifully what we can do when we struggle with the difficulties of (outside) disturbance. These disturbances can be relatively small such as a fight with your neighbor or argument with a co-worker to really large things such as war. In all cases we can apply the ancient art of Ho'oponopono in which we start with the understanding that we all resonate and contribute to the Field of Resonance. And through practice we have the power and ability to change our own resonance on the inside, thus contributing to the outside world that which we would like to see out there.

Jody Mountain is a licensed massage therapist and teacher in the state of Hawai'i, and has dedicated her life to sharing the depth and vibrancy of this profound work. Learn more about her work here: The art, illustration and animation in this video are all created by EdieArt, learn more here: And subscribe for more of these videos on the EdieArt YT channel:

“We are the opportunity for the Healing of the well as the gateway for the Transformation of the future. ”