Aloha! Join Jody for a personal journey into our unique Essential Resonance. The tools offered can bring us to new ways of meeting the unique challenges of our world. If you have felt overwhelmed with navigating social and political unrest, financial stress, restrictive protocols and potential illness, this course can offer Ancient Wisdom that allows us to find a new 'Ground of Our Being'.

This Ancient Paradigm can help to restore a connection with Source that is awake and alive in the midst of our daily lives, where we can access the strength, harmony and 'right action' from the Ancient Wisdom inside each of us, no matter what the circumstance. Join us to re-member and restore a world that is aligned with Life.


Fridays • October 2, 9 & 16 2020
9a.m. Hawai'i Time


These 3 live zoom classes with Jody will provide us with the possibility of coming into a different relationship with our inner world. In the quality of attention that we will cultivate, we may find that we begin to experience deep shifts in ourselves, and watch our outer world transform.

These classes will open up pathways of discovery inside each of us. The process of shifting our perceived reality comes from our willingness to engage deeply with our inner world. This process will be unique to each person as we dive into this transformative Ancient Paradigm..

Friday, October 2, 2020
Inner & Outer Ho'oponopono

This session will give an introduction to the Ancient Paradigm of Ke Ala Hōkū — The Pathway to the Stars, and offer ways in which we may have lost sight of our Natural Way of Being. We will dive into the practice of 'Making Things Right', first in our inner 'ohana (family), and then with our perceptions of the outside world. We will dive into explorations of our unique world view and address areas where we feel we may have disconnected from Source. We will reset our alignment with Life — addressing any discrepancies between how we feel inside, and the world we want to see outside.

Friday, October 9, 2020
Ancient Navigation

This session will introduce our 'Perceptive Field' and offer ways to access this more expansive part our experience. We will also explore our current perceptions of the world as well as any personal challenges that are arising. We will be guided to the relationships with our inner family ('ohana) that influence and even determine our reality, as well as ways to meet them.

Friday, October 16, 2020
The Alchemy of Attention

This session will offer an opportunity to step into transformational processes that help us dissolve our resistance to Life. We are invited into ways of working with our powerful attention to step into a different way of being — a new Resonance! We will strengthen the pathway to navigate any aspects of life that we find impactful: personally, socially, environmentally and globally..

Join Jody Mountain for Ancient Ways to Change The World From The Inside Out!

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