Living In Wonder: Session 17 Remembering -new

Session 17 • Remembering

The Ancient principle:  'What You Remember, Remembers You'  is always available.  When we begin to recognize (or remember) the pure Life that we are, this Life responds! 

The Integration Exercise today brings us back to our original innocent embodiment, and asks us to rest in that for a while.

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Susan Benjamin
Susan Benjamin
11 months ago

Dear Jody Mountain, I began my course ‘Living in Wonder’ while visiting Hawaii in march of this year. Staying with Diana and Jim Loomis i found my way to this course through their grandson Kekoa. I then as now would like to express an interest in inviting you to consider visiting Denmark with Lomi Lomi. I was thinking about this yesterday before I found your blog telling about your experience while working with a kapuna. It is truely astounding for me to read about your experience. I too have had this unforgetable experience. Today I am 75 years old and… Read more »