Session 21 • Aloha!

The Ancients offer us new ways of seeing ourselves and the world. They guide us to a place of unity inside ourselves, as a doorway to a new world unfolding through us. This embodied wisdom offers us an opportunity to step into the Resonance of a New Paradigm.

This path embraces the full spectrum of who we are in this Life — from our seemingly separate bodies and experiences, to our Union as One Being. This work guides us to the embodiment of Aloha. There are many definitions, but one I find very close to this work is: "The acceptance of everything inside of us, and compassion for all that exists."

By meeting ourselves on deeper and deeper levels, and holding all of who we are in a loving embrace, we step more naturally into a Living Compassion for all beings.

Ke Ala Hōkū — The Pathway to the Stars is an invitation home to Source inside of us, and an opening to the Kaona in ourselves that can reveal the path!

Mahalo Nui Loa for joining me in this deep journey. Much Gratitude to each of you for your willingness to dive into these potentially unknown waters. I wish you ever-deepening ways of allowing Life to move you more and more towards the joy and expansion of ‘Living In Wonder’!

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