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The First 3 Sessions of 'Living In Wonder' with Jody Mountain

The Video Sessions below are the first three of 'Living In Wonder', a 21-Day Video Series. Each video is approximately 10-15 minutes long and includes a discussion of Ancient Principles and how they apply to our everyday lives.

Each also contains an Integration Exercise so that you can begin to make practical applications of the Principles. Embodying this work changes our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us and brings us into alignment with Life.

It is recommended that you watch these in sequence, and give yourself at least a day or two between each for integration.

Welcome & Mahalo for your interest in the work!

Session 1 • KAONA

According to the Ancients, we exist on many different depths of Being. Some are hidden from us until we develop the ears to hear, the eyes to see!

The Integration Exercise today will offer avenues of attention to reveal hidden depths inside of our own being.

Session 2 • The Body Is Alive

The Ancient Hawaiians believed that the most profound truths of our being were found deep within the cells of our body. Much more than a ‘machine’ requiring the right food, rest and exercise, the body, according to Ancient Wisdom, is a living, breathing, light-filled intelligence far beyond the conscious mind.

The Integration Exercise will offer the possibility of beginning to access this wisdom — opening the living pathways from the profound intelligence of the body, to the mind.

Session 3 • Everything is Family

Today, we explore our innate, familial relationship with all of Life, including our inner world. We may have been taught to ‘manage’ our thoughts and emotions according to some social, moral or religious code — encouraging some and banishing others.

The Integration Exercise will give us an opportunity to shift the resonance of relationship with ourselves — recognizing the embrace of the inseparable ‘Ohana (Family) that we are.


"...Come to the edge of yourself, and see what lies beyond, and beyond and beyond...."

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