Restoring Our Natural Abundance

Sunday, April 2, 2023
Uncovering Core Beliefs

Course Work:

• In what ways do I already have abundance in my life? (both 'positive' & 'negative')
• What belief systems do I have around money?
• Fill out a 5 column chart with the following headings:
Belief / Is It True? / If not, what is the Truth? / What is possible within my imagination? / What is possible outside of my imagination?

Sunday, April 9, 2023
Stepping Into Natural Order

Course Work:

• This week, notice which of your internal Family Members tend to take over your whole outlook or actions. When you notice, pause, take a breath and acknowledge to yourself.
• Add to the list of 'What have I given myself in my life since day 1?'
• Refine your Vision Statement until you are happy with it.

• Ask, before your go to bed:  "What is my best use on the planet?" Be aware of your body's sensations, any dreams you have, what state you awaken in, etc.

• Try saying to yourself as you walk:  "I walk in Abundance / Prosperity / Vitality etc. and notice how your sensations, posture, vision etc. change."

Sunday, April 16, 2023
Life Meeting Life

Course Work:

• Complete the description of the Living Being of Money, as well as the Living Being of Abundance in your perception. Describe it like a person or an energy:
Appearance, Voice / Sound, Clothing / Colors, Personality / Qualities of speed, calm, undulating, etc. Does it have a 'Theme Song'?
Describe your relationship with with person or energy:
Vibrant?  Communicative? Adversarial? Harmonious? Mistrusful? Inspirational? Distant? Close? etc
How have you been treating the symbols of money and abundance in your life?
i.e. Cash, Credit Cards, Paypal, Loans, Purchases, Rent and Living Expenses, Gifts.....etc.

In what ways can you change the way you treat each of these Family Members / Symbols making the relationship with the Life of this being the priority, rather than your habits or long-held beliefs about it.

Every time your receive money in any form, say Thank You. Every time it leaves your hands, say Thank you for what it is bringing you.

Sunday, April 23, 2023
Remembering • Reconnecting • Restoring

Course Work:

• Review the previous classes noting that everything we have done is towards bringing us into more alignment with Source inside of ourselves and to have an awareness of it's movement in every aspect of our lives:

Core Beliefs: Cultivate discovery and awareness

Natural Order: we are the Source of our lives both as perceiver and creator.

Life Meeting Life: Cultivate the ability to see everything as Alive and Awake with Consciousness. In this way we come into a living relationship with everything inside of us and around us....including money and abundance.

Ways to ground this new perspective in your life:

Geomancy: Place an altar for Abundance in the far left diagonal corner of your house (and/or each room).

Love the Support that arises, whether is it "enough" or "not enough"

Pay Yourself First. before the bills.

• Find ways to experience more of the essence of why you want abundance in your life:  Freedom, Education, Travel (even a day-trip), Generosity, etc. even in the smallest ways.

Treat your money well: Welcome it, Thank it, have a beautiful place to store it,

• What are you meeting this infinitely abundant energy with?  A thimble? A cup? A swimming pool? An ocean? Notice the space in you that is able to receive and develop an expansive relationship with it.

 • Do "A Wondering": Ask the question "What would it be like to have_______________________come into being in my life in the most joyful and easy way possible?"

Write Down what you want, need, short term, long term and if you feel to, a due date.