Staying In Motion • Ho’omanamana Series

A Revitalizing Practice!
October • 2021


Welcome to the foundational practice of Ho’omanamana — a practice of deep listening to the Body Consciousness. Join us for this opportunity to this will be an opportunity to deepen your ability to meet ‘constricting’ elements in the body and allow them to become energy that feeds your forward motion in life. ‘Staying in Motion’ offers a space where we can continue to refine our listening, discover new dimensions in the body and cultivate our Resonance. This workshop is designed to enhance our ability to move with Life, on many levels. Today, we may be faced with personal, political, planetary and sometimes ‘spiritual’ undulations that can be challenging. Ho’omanamana offers us the possibility of allowing all of these undulations to support our forward motion in life, rather than obstruct us. ‘Staying In Motion’ will provide a container for us to metabolize and honor the velocity with which Life is speaking through us, by gathering in the transformative space of this Ancient Work.

We will have the opportunity to refine our Internal Navigation and feel how our expanded connection with the Life in our bodies changes the frequency of our inner landscape.


‘Staying in Motion’ is offered in a package of 5 weekly classes of 2 hours each. This session, focusing on Ho’omanamana, will be offered for the month of October 2021. You will need to wear comfortable clothes you can move in and as private a space as possible. Room to spread your arms, and a little space to move reasonably around the room might be helpful. Upon Registering, you’ll receive a list of simple supplies to have available.

Upcoming Schedule:
Fridays, 8a.m.- 10a.m. Maui Time • October 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 2021


5 Class Package $225

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“Life wants to be met at
the same rate of motion in which it exists.”
—Kahu Abraham Kawai’i

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