Almost every aspect of a workshop in Ancient Lomi Lomi is a form of Ho'oponopono. This Module will work with the 'formal' introduction of Ho'oponopono. This practice involves meeting what any unresolved trauma, issues or relationships in our external world, as well as their origin points in our internal 'Ohana.

date, 2020 - date, 2020 via Zoom

date, 2020
Foundations Of Ho'oponopono

In this class we will look at the History and evolution of Ho'oponopono in the Hawaiian culture and around the world. We will be exploring it's function within a workshop — how it can be helpful, and how to introduce Ho'oponopono within the context of Ke Ala Hōkū.

The quality of the space that we hold in Ho'oponopono is paramount. More important than leading this practice having 'resolved everything' in our own lives, is a firm foundation in the way we navigate. We will look at how to strengthen our own practice and establish a strong foundation in ourselves. This will apply equally well in our daily lives!

We will explore the set up of the space in which Ho'oponopono will be held — what may be more helpful and challenging to include. Suggestions to clarify the vibration of space beforehand.

date, 2020
Foundations of Alignment

There is a natural alignment of energies on all levels of the Universe — from deep in our cellular structure to the movements of the Cosmos. The natural alignment of ‘Ohana operates on many kaona throughout nature, including inside our own personality and perceptions. We will open to discover how we have come to arrange our internal ‘Ohana, and what effects this has had on our lives. We will dive into the connection of patterning in our families of origin and ancestries and how we relate with our human ‘Ohana on many levels.

Guided Experience: Allowing our internal ‘Ohana to realign in accordance with Natural Order.

Thursday, May 28, 2020
Meeting The Head of The Household

All aspects of us are Alive. We will begin a process of exploring our preconceived ideas of our ‘Higher Self’, ‘Light Body’, ‘Spirit’ or ‘Soul’ and discovering who the Head of Our Household actually is. What parts of this being have been limited according to our definitions around what is sacred and holy?

We begin a new relationship with Life Force.

Guided Experience: Nurturing the gateways of meeting.

Thursday, June 4, 2020
Integrating Our Connection

We will look at ways of embodying and integrating our connection with our Head of Household as well as ways to expand this being as our new ‘default setting’. When we can naturally respond to daily life with Life Itself, rather than our programmed responses, we can inhabit more freedom, choice, and the magic of endless possibility in our lives.

Guided Experience: Raising Our Internal Speed