Welcome! Ka'alele 'Au or 'Flying' is a mystical movement meditation that allows us to come into a deeper connection with Life. As each part of the body moves in the shape of Infinity, we are able to arrive cellularly in the Present Moment. Flying ignites our electromagnetic field, balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain, and shifts our vibrational field.

If you have not yet learned to 'Fly', be prepared to be patient with the process. This is a simple movement for the body, yet complex for the mind. It is an opportunity to transmute old patterning and strengthen our connection with our Body Consciousness.


Unfortunately, this course has to be rescheduled.  Please stay tuned for updates.


• Instruction in the alignment, shape and rhythm of Ka'alele Au
• Individual & group refinements
• Group Flying sessions



$218 / 6-class package

Join us for a Cellular experience of awakening The Infinite!

Stay tuned for restistration info • 'Taking Flight'