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Living In Wonder

21-Day Video Course

Join Jody Mountain in a potent exploration of the path of ‘Ke Ala Hōkū — The Pathway to the Stars. This rare and Ancient body of work came to her through Kahu Abraham Kawai’i, a Hawaiian Kahuna. The work assists us in unwinding our complex conceptual mind, to begin to restore our natural relationship with Life Iself.

We tend to grow up thinking that ‘the world is as it is’, while in actual fact, the world is as we perceive it. Indigenous mind awareness brings us into an expanded experience of ourselves and the world around us. In this 21-day course, you will receive a 10-15 minute video each day with Ancient Wisdom Teachings from this expansive body of work.

The principles give us an opportunity to transform embedded patterns of perception and behavior and allow the language of Life to speak through us. We learn how to cultivate new ways of seeing and being, putting us in deeper connection with our essential resonance and restoring our experience of life as an ever-deepening practice of Aloha.

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Staying In Motion • Online Retreat • Fridays
March 19-April 16, 2021

Join Jody Mountain for a series of Retreat Sessions to accelerate your ability to ‘Stay In Motion’. This weekly class will include the transformative practices of Ke Ala Hōkū — The Pathway to The Stars. We will also dive into the principles of the work as applied to other movement modalities such as Yoga and various forms of Dance.

Refine your ability to practice embodied listening and transmute discord into inner and outer Strength, Flexibility and Expanded Awareness.

Refinements to the bodywork of Ancient Lomi Lomi may be addressed for those who have previously attended a live Retreat.

‘Staying in Motion • Online Retreat’ is offered in a package of 5 weekly classes.

—Open to Previous Participants

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Taking Flight • New Moon

Monthly Class in Ka’alele ‘Au (Flying)

Join us once a month on the New Moon, to step into the motion of the Infinite. We welcome the opportunity to gather together and ‘raise our internal speed’, accelerating our forward motion as we unfold, create and ignite our dreams towards the Full Moon.

Each month, we will allow a theme to guide us, or fly with our own ‘intention’.

Sign up for our New Year’s Fly on January 4th and attend the New Moon Fly on January 23 for FREE!

—Open to everyone

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