"With everyday the course Living in Wonder becomes more wonder-full and mysterious and thrillingly inspiring! Thank you Jody for this Jewel!" —K.W.


According to the Ancients, that which we seek, the Source of all Being, is ‘closer than breath’. 'Living In Wonder' offers Ancient Principles, guiding us to an awareness of Source in every moment of our lives. Ancient Indigenous Wisdom offers tools of expanding awareness which bring us back to a Living Reality, rather than our learned concepts. It assists us in uncovering our deep embodied Presence in ways that honor our unique pathways of evolution. Moving through this process will introduce Ancient Principles to deepen and expand our perceptions. You can choose to view the videos daily, or spread one lesson out over several days. This practice will strengthen your quality of attention, changing the way you see, and therefore what you experience. You may discover, as I did, a depth of being that is transformative, and closer than breath.


Starting 24 hours after your Registration, you will receive a video installment of 'Living in Wonder' with Jody Mountain, each day for 21 days. Each installment will contain Ancient Principles, Teachings, and integration exercises to open new pathways of awareness and ignite your Life Force energy. Each video is 10 to 15 minutes in length and, once received, is available to view as many times as you like.
IF you are drawn to:
Finding a deeper connection with the Nature inside and outside of yourself

Igniting your Life Force through Cellular Presence

Reconnecting with your'Ohana Nui (Great Family)

Absorbing Ancient Navigation of your inner and outer worlds

Restoring your Natural Alignment with Life

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• Approximately 20 minutes of undisturbed time to view the email.

• A quiet area where you can listen attentively

• A Journal to take notes if you wish

Note: A variety of Integration Exercises will be offered as homework in the video. These may ask for a refined attention in your daily life, ranging from a few seconds of momentary awareness, to 20 minutes of written reflection, depending on the day.


$144* Includes 21 video lessons guiding us to the experience of 'Living In Wonder'.

"...Come to the edge of yourself, and see what lies beyond, and beyond and beyond...."

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