Welcome! This live event will give us an opportunity to open to a new paradigm of abundance. We have been taught that our supply comes from the outside world: our clients, job, gifts, ‘luck’, etc. Each week, Jody will offer principles rooted in Ancient Wisdom that will help to shift your perception of abundance, how you see yourself in the world, and new ways to step into Thriving vs. Surviving. Transform your energetic signature around abundance and allow a new world to unfold!

This process will be unique to each person as we dive into transforming our individual and collective programming.

Please note that this is not a ‘magic pill’. It will require deep honesty with oneself, and willingness to dive into difficult issues that may be anchoring our current beliefs, if they arise.


Sundays • April 2023
8a.m. Hawai'i Time


Those of us on a Spiritual Path can often feel conflicted living in the midst of a paradigm that glorifies money as the source of survival and success. We have been programmed to believe that the dominant paradigm is in control. Ancient Wisdom guides us to a Source of navigating that shines from a different place and opens us to possibilities we cannot even imagine.

Join Jody and Lineage of Light for a Journey of unwinding our old beliefs around money, abundance and support, and step into the Natural Order of Life — Infinite Flow.

You are the endless Abundance that you are seeking. Let the transmutation of Ancient Wisdom awaken in you and open the way.

Sunday, April 2, 2023
Uncovering Core Beliefs

Our Core Beliefs are the foundation of our perceptions, and therefore dictate the way we interact with the world. Many of us hold embedded beliefs around Value, Worth and Abundance which can continually sabotage our lives.

In this Ancient Paradigm, both our conscious and unconscious beliefs create our ‘Essential Resonance’. This unique collection of frequencies, is reflected in the world we experience. Ancient Wisdom offers us awareness and refinement of our Essential Resonance. Freeing ourselves from old, limiting behaviors can instill a new resonance which frees us from the past and ushers in new possibilities to give and receive abundance.

Sunday, April 9, 2023
Stepping Into Natural Order

There is a natural alignment of energies on all levels of the Universe — from deep in our cellular structure to the movements of the Cosmos. This Ancient path offers us ways to re-align ourselves with the organic flow of Life.

Alignment with Natural Order gives us a powerful new vantage point from which to navigate our world. Natural Order inspires harmony in relationship with our inner and outer ‘Ohana (Family). Stepping into Natural Order, we are attuned to the endless support of the Universe.

Sunday, April 16, 2023
Life Meeting Life

Shifting our perception to recognize that every aspect of ourselves and our lives is actually Alive, gives us a much more expansive way to engage our world. Abundance of Money, Time, Creativity, Freedom and Vibrancy, are more than ideas, they are breathing with their own rhythms, colors, textures and movements.

Ancient Wisdom allows us to heal any distorted relationship we may have with aspects of ourselves, coming back to fundamental truth that we are Whole Beings. All aspects of our truest selves are here to co-exist in harmony & mutual support. We can express our most creative gifts and be supported. We can fulfill our deepest calling to be in service to the world without the struggle of survival.

Ancient Wisdom unlocks our original state of being that moves in harmony with all Life.

Sunday, April 23, 2023
Remembering • Reconnecting • Restoring

This Ancient Paradigm offers us practical ways to embody our Natural Abundance. Returning to the Wholeness at the center of our Being gives us endless opportunities to reconfigure our world from a new place.

We discover that Abundance comes from this profound opening, and is our Natural State. We have the opportunity to establish new foundations that honor who we are at the deepest levels, while being fully supported in the world.

"Everything in Nature invites us constantly to be who we are."
—Gretel Erlich

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