Living In Wonder: Session 14 The Unwanted -new

Session 14 • The Unwanted

Ancient Wisdom offers potent tools to meet the undulations of life.  As we learn how to move with the pure Life inside of us, we can meet more of the Living Moment in any circumstance. 

The Integration Exercise today offers us a chance to uncover a deeper kaona of some of our current or recent challenges, and to see them from a new place.

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3 years ago

– All of the teachings are excellent AND this particular wisdom and exercise is especially deep for me. To have the presence or i might add Dedication to the Pause of reflecting for the deeper message – this is so potent. The practice now to recall a challenge and go deeper I feel is good as the urgency and adrenaline are not screaming so one can track the process and the Un Covering, and the discovery of the Message held in the emotion/ response can be heard.Thank you for calling out fear as an inside piece of the weather…rather than… Read more »