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Living In Wonder

21-Day Course • Starts September 1, 2020

We tend to grow up thinking that 'the world is as it is', while in actual fact, the world is as we perceive it. Indigenous mind awareness brings us into an expanded experience of ourselves and the world around us, by inviting us to reclaim the wholeness of our "Perceptive Field". We are offered the opportunity to restore our original, natural relationship with Life. In this 21-day course, you will receive a 10-15 minute video each day with Ancient Wisdom Teachings from the expansive work of Ke Ala Hōkū — The Pathway To The Stars. The principles of the work give us an opportunity to transform embedded patterns of perception and behavior and allow the language of Life to speak through us. We learn how to cultivate new ways of seeing and being, putting us in deeper connection with our essential resonance and restoring our experience of life as an ever-deepening practice of Aloha.

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Restoring Our Natural Abundance

A 4-Part live class • Sundays in april, 2021

Those of us on a Spiritual Path can often feel conflicted living in the midst of a paradigm that glorifies money as the source of survival and success. We have been programmed to believe that the dominant paradigm is in control. Ancient Wisdom guides us to a Source of navigating that shines from a different place and opens us to possibilities we cannot even imagine.

Join Jody and Lineage of Light for a Journey of unwinding our old beliefs around money, abundance and support, and step into the Natural Order of Life — Infinite Flow.

You are the endless Abundance that you are seeking. Let the transmutation of Ancient Wisdom awaken in you and open the way.

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