Ho'omanamana • October 1, 2021

Ho'omanamana is the ancient practice of meeting our Cellular Being. It allows for limiting factors on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels to be transmuted into contributing factors. This practice involves cultivating a deep listening, in motion.

Below is the first class of the Series. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ho'omanamana • October 8, 2021

Today, we were guided into a deeper listening through the ideas of 'kaona' and 'economy of movement'

Staying with the kaona of our whole being opens pathways from the consciousness in the body, to the mind.

Ho'omanamana • October 15, 2021

Today, was an opportunity to source ourselves on the inside of the body, rather than the outside. Listening from this place allows an opening not possible from the mind.

Ho'omanamana • October 22, 2021

Today we continued in this deep listening practice paying attention to the spine and hips. This practice is an opportunity to unwind our embedded mental, emotional and behavioral patterning as we listen 'beyond' the movement.

Homework Suggestion: Be attentive to any shifts in your movement, thoughts or perceptions as you move through your week. As new awareness emerges in The Body Consciousness, it can be felt on other kaona in our daily lives. See what you notice!

Ho'omanamana • October 29, 2021

Today, in our final class of this series, we explored a method of expanding Ho'omanamana into other practices such as yoga and stretching.

It's been a pleasure practicing with you! I hope you continue to review the videos or drop into a regular practice and notice what transforms in your body and your life!

Practice Recommendations

•Relax all unnecessary tension as you move

•Allow the breath to be easy and natural (no manipulation)

•Pay attention to the 'inbetween' spaces

•Move in the practice with an open attention and with a sense of discovery

•Welcome all that arises

Videos posted to this page will be available until September 24, 2022.